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Te@m Ng@M@ihi


Up he goe$ - Ne@t @lright St@n-o-m@tic

WooHoo - NannY IvY CruMpiN!!

Wow - $te@dy doe$ it

DoNt DrOp thE HoSe!!

Yep - M@rew@ makeS it @ll d@ w@y

Gon3 FiShinG

@nd $o doeS MisS Jo$ephin3 Colli3r

Wh@t iS doWn tHere?

H@rty SuPporT3rs

Is iT sTill tHeRe? WheRe is EveRyoNe

Ngati Awa Hapu Challenge 2007

Te@m Ng@M@ihi

Marewa Hale, Bernie Ngaheu, Ivy McCauley, Stan da Man Moses, Tahuritu Amoroa, Allan Pryor,Eramiha Turoa,Josephine Collier

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